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garden4Pebble Magic resin bound surfacing provides an elegant solution for tree pits in public spaces, providing a surface that can be easily swept and kept rubbish free.

Based on proven resin and aggregate formulations, Pebble Magic tree pits not only look good but are fully permeable, allowing water and air to get to the tree roots.
Our tree pit surfacing is available in a wide range of colour and finish options to match or contrast with the surrounding area, the permeable surface allows water to freely run through, so there is no need to install or maintain a watering tube.

Tree pits are often an easy receptacle for casually discarded litter, requiring disproportionate time and effort just to keep these areas in pristine condition.

Pebble Magic tree pits need little maintenance, are vandal proof and enhance the environment, eliminating the need for unsightly and costly metal grilles.

The unique structure maximises the voids between aggregate particles, whilst still remaining tough and durable with sufficient flexibility to allow tree growth.

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