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Our superior quality resin bound surfacing solutions are now available for internal applications. The range of interior resin flooring is perfect for domestic, retail and commercial uses.

Interior resin flooring is available in an extensive selection of materials and virtually unlimited range of colours. Offers interior designers, architects, developers and home owners the opportunity to create truly stunning surfaces.

Why choose resin bound flooring?

  • Extremely durable
  • Smooth finish
  • Comfortable under foot
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Unlimited range of colours
  • Extensive range of materials
  • Design Flexibility

Finishes and Sealant Options

Interior resin bound flooring can be installed as a permeable finish or a water resistant solution with the application of a colourless sealant. It is therefore perfect for a host of applications including showrooms, bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchens, offices, foyers, hallways, studios, reception areas, conservatories and corridors.

Commercial Applications

For commercial applications, it gives you the ability to set your logo in stone. The design flexibility of our resin bound paving systems gives you the power to create intricate and detailed designs within the floor surface. It can be used to create a perfect, colour-matched representation of virtually any design from corporate logos and welcome messages to school emblems.

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