Domestic Services

Permeable Resin Surfaces

Pebblemagic offers a wide range of services for domestic customers, below is a description of the services that we provide.

Permeable Driveway Paving

Our permeable resin bound driveway paving looks and feels much better than standard driveways. There is very little maintenance needed, when installed your new Pebble Magic driveway will give you years of satisfaction.

With our wide range of textures and colours that can be selected to either blend in or stand out against the surroundings, all of these options give you the ability to create stunning designs that are truly unique.

Permeable Patio Paving

Transform your patio with Pebble Magic permeable resin bound patio paving – no matter what shape or size, our huge choice of materials and colours will help you create something unique for your garden.

Create a unique patio with Pebble Magic's permeable resin bound patio paving, it doesn't matter what the shape or size of your patio is, with our wide range of colours and materials you can be assured of something unique for your garden.


Permeable Garden Pathways

Bring your garden to life with a Pebble Magic pathway. Create stunning and driveways of any shape, size and design that lasts.

No matter if you want your garden path to be decorative or hard wearing for constant use by pets or children you can be assured that a Pebble Magic garden pathway will be durable, UV stable and eco-friendly and requires very little maintenance.


What is Permeable Resin Surfacing

Permeable Resin Surfacing is a combination of  clear resin, marble and premium quality aggregate. Permeable means that rainwater drains through it. 

PeablemagicSo no matter how heavy of a downpour you will not have any puddles forming on the Peabblemagic surface. The rainwater also serves as a cleaning tool for the surface, so little to no maintenance is required.

Pebblemagic strive's for 100% customer satisfaction. We will work hard to find a solution to any problem. As a family business we understand the need to provide value for your hard earned money.

If you have any questions please contact us via our contacts page or call us on 07500 728247